And the journey begins. My first post!

Hey there, welcome to ICanBudget, my blog on all things money, finance and budgeting. I’m Nick, I’m paper chasing, motor sport loving, part qualified accountant/gym junkie. I’ve been working for quite some time now, helping businesses and people achieve financial performance and make the most of their dollars, however it seems that in the process I’ve ignored my own financial performance. As a child whenever somebody asked me what I wanted to be my answer was always the same…”I want to be rich”. Funnily enough all the practices and good habits that I helped people use through life, I failed to apply myself.

I started this blog as a turning point, a marker to indicate getting serious about my financial performance. I’ll be learning and using what I’ve already learnt to help build wealth and hopefully share some tips and tricks with you along the way. I’ll cover topics such as saving money, earning more money and general finance for people who are trying to break free from the rat race. I hope you’ll join me on this journey, lets do it!

Are you ready for the journey?


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Hey I'm Nick!

Hey there, welcome to icanbudget.com. I'm Nick the chief blogger here. I'm a college educated, personal finance loving, semi qualified accountant and don't mind a little side hustling here and there. To get more tips on personal finance, sign up to our mailing list above. You won't regret it!


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